NVD at International Conferences


Throughout this summer, NVD team members participate at different international conferences.

Max Schalz gives a presentation on Using Fuel Cycle Simulators and Bayesian Inference in Nuclear Archaeology (Max Schalz, Lewin Bormann and Malte Göttsche) at the ANS Annual Meeting 2022 in Anaheim, CA.
Lukas Rademacher showcases how to use Forensic Measurements for Nuclear Archaeology - A New Approach (Lukas Rademacher and Malte Göttsche) at INMM's 63rd Annual Meeting.
Benjamin Jung and Lukas Rademacher present their works on nuclear archaeology at the AMC Annual Conference 2022 at Alva Myrdal Center for Nuclear Disarmament in Uppsala, Sweden.
Malte Göttsche gives a talk on Verifying Initial Declarations Using Nuclear Archaeology Methods (Malte Göttsche, Katja Ermert, Benjamin Jung and Lukas Rademacher) at the IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards 2022 in Vienna, Austria.