TEDx @ RWTH Aachen: Why should nuclear weapons concern you?

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    Public Lecture Series

    Researchers arguing in front of a laptop in an office Copyright: © Holger Wittel

    Summer Semester 2019: Artificial Intelligence and International Security: Quo vadis?

    Science and technology can influence international security and peace in many ways. The series deals with Artificial Intelligence: while autonomous systems can have a variety of applications for the benefit of society, there is also the potential to develop fully autonomous weapon systems. This series of events highlights the technical, scientific-ethical and security-political questions that arise in this context.

    Winter Semester 2022/23: Leonardo Lecture on Effective Altruism

    In the context of the Leonardo lecture series on Effective Altruism , Lukas Rademacher and Max Schalz presented on ‘Nuclear War: an Existential Risk‘. They explained the current nuclear world-order, the grave consequences of nuclear-weapon use and showed how individuals can promote and encourage nuclear disarmament. The talk finished with an extensive Q&A and discussion round between the presenters and students.


      Policy Advice

      • IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards (11/2022): Presented research results from nuclear reactor archaeology (Verifying Initial Declarations using Nuclear Archaeology Methods, poster by M. Göttsche, K. Ermert, B. Jung, L. Rademacher) and antineutrino monitoring for safeguarding spent nuclear fuel (Antineutrino Monitoring for Safeguarding Spent Nuclear Fuel, poster by T. Radermacher, M. Göttsche, I. Niemeyer, S. Roth).
      • G7 (03/2022): Invited expert, G7 Global Partnership, Working Group “Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Materials”, nominated by German Foreign Office.
      • United Nations (06/2022): Book presentation Toward Nuclear Disarmament in the German Permanent Mission in Geneva.


      Media Appearances

      • Deutschlandfunk Kultur (07/2022): Interview for a radio program (with Nicole Dittmer [in German])
      • Deutschlandfunk Nova (05/2022): Interview for a radio program (with Martin Krinner [in German])
      • RTL Aktuell (05/2022): Interview for prime time news in major German TV channel [in German]
      • Spiegel Online (05/2022): Quoted in article ‘How likely is the use of nuclear weapons?’ by Jörg Römer [in German]