SPS Conference


Scientific discoveries and technological innovations have always exerted a great influence on peace and security.

  Antonio Figueroa Copyright: https://sps.peasec.de/

The conference SCIENCE . FRIEDEN . SECURITY '19 aims for an accurate understanding and fruitful discussions of today’s and tomorrow’s peace and security challenges. This includes scientific-technical as well as interdisciplinary contributions, focusing on problems of international security and peacebuilding as well as contributions dedicated to transparency, trust-building, arms control, disarmament, and conflict management. We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute to this conference, which will prospectively be published in the form of conference proceedings and special journal issues. Further information can be found here. Malte Göttsche is a track Chair of the Conference.

  Madalina Wittel Copyright: https://sps.peasec.de/

Presentations given by Madalina Wittel, Antonio Figueroa and Lukas Rademacher.